The project revolves around the decrease in fortunes and valuation of newspapers, due to the popularity of digital alternatives. I have always loved the tactile quality of newspaper and the way it sits common place in our society, so I set out to find the reasons behind it’s decline and what, if anything, can be done to save it.

Newspapers have to change and adapt in order to survive, so with that in mind I began to reimagine the newspaper, targeting a new audience, redefining the content that is published and increasing the print and design quality of the paper itself. I created "Reality", a newspaper that speaks to it's audience in an honest and provoking way, with balanced viewpoints, engaging layout and a focus on visual language. From my research I felt that newspaper needed to increase their value. With print becoming less of a commodity and more of a luxury, newspapers have to reflect this.

Recognising the change in the way we consume news, "Reality" has two platforms, a online digital platform for up to date short form articles and a weekly print platform made up of long form investigative articles, giving the audience a more in-depth look at what is behind current issues. 

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